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Home Lighting for Every Room

Home Lighting for Every Room | Monroe & Kent Home

The importance of lighting can't be overlooked when designing any room. And from dramatic chandeliers that welcome guests in the foyer to a sleek, modern table lamp that makes your bedroom the ideal spot to curl up with a good book, you'll find everything needed to create the perfect atmosphere at Monroe & Kent Home. Browse our full assortment of ceiling lights, wall sconces and floor and table lamps to find just the right accent to every area of your home. 

Ceiling Lights

When you imagine ceiling fixtures, a sparkling chandelier above a dining room table or entry may immediately come to mind. However, ceiling lights are incredibly versatile and make an excellent addition to any area where a strong focal point is desired, from master bedrooms to the kitchen. In fact, ceiling lights can be the statement piece needed to set the theme in any area. Our selection includes a number of styles to suit your preferences, ceiling height and room size, including industrial designs, art deco-inspired looks and opulent crystals that would be equally at home among traditional décor and in bohemian spaces. 


Sconces may be small, but they have big potential for interior design with styles ranging from rustic to contemporary. Their wall-mounted design makes a great choice for task lighting near a favorite chair, a desk or above a bathroom vanity. They're also well-suited for highlighting architectural features or artwork and creating an ambient glow or washing a wall in light. Grouping several wall sconces together can create a welcome sense of symmetry, as well as add visual interest with eye-catching glass, metal and marble accents. 

Floor Lamps

Thanks to their tall design, floor lamps draw the eye upward to highlight a room's height and create a more spacious, open feel. At the same time, a variety of height options are available to accommodate the scale of existing décor, ensuring your floor lamp won't overwhelm smaller items or be dwarfed by larger furnishings. A pair of floor lamps flanking a sofa or fireplace can create a sharp, symmetrical look, while a single floor lamp filling negative space turns an awkward area into a striking focal point.  

Table Lamps

Incorporating table lamps into your interior design creates layered lighting that changes the mood of a room in an instant. Placing a few lamps on end tables, the mantel or a bookshelf can also echo the style of floor and ceiling lamps without creating an overly matched feel. The base and shade are equally important when choosing a table lamp, and both should be considered with an eye to the surrounding furnishings and the overall aesthetic of the space. Opt for an unusual shape and bold pop of color to draw attention, or select simple, classic silhouettes that will blend well with your current design theme and future trends you'll want to incorporate into your home. 

Explore Your Lighting Options

Lighting plays a central role in the home for both style and function, and it offers a simple way to refresh décor as well as make any area more inviting. To learn more about lighting for you or your client's home or for staging, visit Monroe & Kent Home in Marlton, New Jersey, or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or contact us online. Our assortment includes timeless looks and the latest trends, making it easy to find quality lighting options for the dining room, living room, bedroom and more.

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