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The Pandemic & Deliveries | Monroe & Kent Home

The Pandemic & Deliveries

2020 has and continues to be a challenging year for everyone. In the midst of a global Pandemic, we're adjusting to a new way of living.

Outside of the obvious, this Pandemic has introduced a new set of stresses for businesses in the home category as consumers redirect their unspent vacation dollars and are at home for longer periods.

The need for more space, for a home schooling or work area or a need to finally refresh the family room - all of this is causing an unprecedented surge in demand for electricians, general contractors and not least, home furnishings.

Monroe & Kent Home has prided itself on being a quick ship retailer.

Until very recently, we have been able to service our clients furniture, lighting, rugs & décor needs expediently, with deliveries typically happening within two weeks of order.

As we have moved into Fall and now approach Winter, we're beginning to see our vendors struggle to keep up with supply, however inventory has continued to be available, typically within a couple of weeks and in very rare instances, a couple of months.

Where we are seeing new problems is on the logistics side. Third party trucking companies are struggling.

Between a national shortage of truck drivers, made worse by the Pandemic and adding to the party the fact it's the Holiday season, the transit times we are being quoted for items to ship are not being kept and leading to delays.

This is not unique to Monroe & Kent Home and is affecting most retailers nationwide.

We have been able to minimize disruption from our East Coast warehouses by running dedicated tractor-trailers for our customer orders so we have maintained fast delivery times for inventory that we warehouse there.

The team at Monroe & Kent Home understand the importance of getting your order to you quickly and safely.

We're working through unusual circumstances. However, rest assured that you will be kept up to date with the latest information on your order and in the event that any delays arise, we will reach out to notify you.


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