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Customer Service Policy

Customer Service Policy | Monroe & Kent Home


          Monroe & Kent Home aims to provide a positive experience for all customers from their first interaction with our business to their last.

          We aim to consistently achieve a quarterly Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score of 90% or greater. While we have many satisfied customers, the reality is such that we cannot please all our customers all the time. The nature of the business that we operate in is such that there are plenty of opportunities for problems to arise.

          Taking this into consideration, the following Policy sets down our approach to customer service for both online and in-store sales.


  • Greet customers promptly with a happy disposition whether in-store, on live chat, via the telephone or email
  • Listen and hear customers giving consideration to their requests and concerns
  • Communicate courteously and knowledgeably
  • Provide follow-through for customers promptly and efficiently within the limits of available resources

Customer Service Operations Structure:

  • Available Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm EST. Closed on weekends and holidays
  • Provides support to customers and team members via live chat, telephone, and email
  • Is the department that customers are always referred to post purchase

Scope of Customer Service

  • Placement of order with vendors and the subsequent tracking of ship status/location
  • Post sales inquiries by customers about the status of an order or orders
  • Scheduling of deliveries & installs with customers
  • Addressing concerns or complaints about issues with orders post order or post delivery
  • Processing and issuing of refunds to customers for discounts or cancelled orders
  • Manufacturer warranty or extended warranty claims

This Policy is not intended to address the following:

  • Complaints about the performance of specific team members, this is handled by ownership
  • Slips, trips or falls/in-store incidences which are handled by ownership

Response Standards:

          Where possible, questions, concerns or complaints should be resolved in real-time if a knowledgeable resource is available to address, however in many instances, referral and follow-up will be necessary to fully understand, research and resolve the issue. In these situations, the following standards for acknowledgement and resolution are to be followed, without exception.


  • All questions, concerns or complaints that cannot be resolved in real time are to be directed to customer service. The customer should be instructed to call, email, or start a live chat via our website

You are welcome to initiate the contact on behalf of the customer, however, it needs to be made explicitly clear to the customer in a polite and friendly manner that customer service handles any questions, concerns or complaints that are not related to your role in the business. The purpose here is to train the customer that you are not their personal concierge. REMEMBER: The more time you are invested in the post sales process with a customer, the less time you are selling which affects your earnings potential.

  • If you are initiating the contact, please go to the customer record, select the “Cases” tab and click “New Case”, and fill out the requested information.
  • All questions, concerns and complaints are acknowledged within one business day. The acknowledgement consists of an automated email informing the customer that a case has been created, giving them the approximate time frame for an initial follow-up, the case reference number, and a link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


  • A substantive response should be received by the customer within two business days and typically will be provided in writing, via email

NOTE: Resolution time frame is influenced by a number of factors, including, but not limited to clarifying points with colleagues, reviewing the order and associated notes, contacting one or more vendors, contacting one or more freight companies. The involvement of multiple parties can, and often does delay response times and customers should never be promised a response time frame other than they will be acknowledged within one business day.

  • Responses to customers will include our analysis of the issue and the proposed resolution. Clear reasons will be given to customers if we cannot accommodate any requests and references to the specific paragraphs of our Terms of Sale will be made
  • Where a resolution cannot be provided to the customer within the promised time frame, they will be provided with an updated time frame of when they will receive a response
  • Resolution of customer questions, concerns and complaints will typically be communicated via email. Email is the most efficient and productive method to clear customer questions, concerns, and complaints in the timeliest manner.

Additional Comments:

          We understand the importance of clear communication and the maintenance of a positive impression of Monroe & Kent Home that protects business relationships and is mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

          The purpose of this Policy document is to clearly set out the terms under which we will handle customer questions, concerns, and complaints. Questions, concerns, and complaints received outside of the operating hours of Customer Service, and which cannot be addressed by a knowledgeable resource will be addressed the next business day that Customer Service is open – no exceptions.

          While we want to value and protect a customer relationship, clear boundaries and expectations need to be set to efficiently run Customer Service and to treat all customers fairly and equitably.

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