ChatGPT vs Google Bard, Which AI will win?

Hello friends how are you all we hope you all are healthy and safe. Welcome, all of you once again to our today’s article. Friends, if you also belong to the world of the internet, then we have brought special information for you. Which you probably haven’t heard before. Yes friends, today we are going to talk about Google Bard AI.

Which has been made available for the betterment of humans in the coming future. Friends, as you know how far our technology has gone today, today such a language model chat bard built on technology is being launched.

Who will work for the betterment of man? Friends, you must have heard about Mayani’s Artificial Intelligence. If not heard, then today we should provide you many information related to it, under which let’s talk about Chat GPT first last year on 30 November 2022, Chat GPT was launched by Open AI, and at the present time Google has given the same answer. Google bard has also launched its own solid chatbot. yes friends would like to tell for your information

Like Chat GPT, the bard is also a language model chatbot based on Google’s LaMDA i.e. Language Model for Dialog Applications technology. As friends, you must have heard such a news voice before the time that after the arrival of Microsoft’s Chat GPT, such an effect is being seen on Google and it seems that it can beat Google in the coming time. But only after some time i.e. after a few months, Google also showed its power and Google has also launched Google bard AI. No friends, if you want to get complete information about Google bard AI, then you have to stay connected with our article only then you will be able to know about it.

What is Chat GPT: Desi friends Chat GPT was launched last year on 30 November 2022, people must have heard this name but have you used it, yes, would like to tell friends that there are millions of people who are also using Chat GPT. There is not much information about it, but we are going to tell you today, on the basis of what is Chat GPT, you will be able to understand both Chat GPT and Google bard, so first of all, we know about Chat GPT. So friends should tell you that chat GPT is called chat generative pre-trended transformer in English and it is made by open artificial intelligence.

If put in a common language, it can be understood as if Chat GPT is a type of chatbot. Simply put, a bot that understands the questions asked by you and prepares detailed answers to them. For your information, Chat GPT is powered by a huge amount of data and computing techniques to form any answer after putting words together in a meaningful way. Friends, we hope that you have understood what Chat GPT is, now let us know in this sequence that Chatbot
About what is google bard ai.

Google bard AI: See friends, the way chat GPT is a chatbot. In the same way google bard is also a chart bot. And both of these have been provided by Artificial Intelligence, but even after all these similarities, there are many differences between the two that make them different from each other and after getting a lot of such information, we would like to tell you that Google bard AI is being told better than Chat GPT. Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai have announced Google bard AI to give a befitting reply to Friends Chat GPT.

For your information, would like to tell you that it is based on LaMDA and Google’s own conversational AI ie Artificial Intelligence Chatbot. This has been announced by Sundar Pichai ji in the name of Experimental Conversational AI Service and Google means that in the coming few months it will be made more widely available to the public which will be made available with very reliable tests.

Chat GPT and Google bard are different even though they are based on artificial intelligence because between these two, we would like to tell you that Google’s bard can answer all your questions according to the latest and most accurate information available on the Internet, but in Chat GPT you will get Only data till 2021 will be fed, based on that your questions will be answered.

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