How will Google Bard, ChatGpt rival, work?

What is Google bard AI chatbot, let’s know the complete information. Hello friends how are you all we hope you all are healthy and safe. Welcome, all of you once again in our article. As friends, in the world of technology, more than one tool is being made available today, where someone is seen giving competition and someone else.

As friends would like to tell you that in the coming time, in our world, that is, all over the world, companies will be seen only on Artificial Intelligence. As friends, you must have heard about Chat GPT, which was launched last year on 30 November 2022 by AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence.

Which had a profound impact on Google, but Google is also no less than anyone, as you all know that Google is a big search engine in today’s time, that is, Google is ruling the world, due to which the CEO of Google, Mr. Sundar Pichai ji has launched his google bard as a competition to Chat GPT. Because Chat seems to be giving tough competition to GPT.

By the way, for your information, would like to tell that google bard is such an ai2 where you will get answers to complex questions anyway and or will be able to help you in creative works, apart from this, would like to tell you that or other questions like fridge You will also be available with good response to questions like what to do with the food kept in it. If you have also heard about Google bard AI for the first time, you also want to get detailed information about bard.

And you also want to know what Google bard is after all, then you will definitely get this information through this article, for which you will have to stay with our article, so friends, let’s know in detail.
What is Google AI bard chat bot: See friends talk about Google bard then would like to tell you that it is artificial intelligence chat bot. See, Google bard AI chat bot will work like chat GPT,

Users can use chat bot through conversation. For your information, let us tell you that Google bard AI chat bot is based on Google Play Language Model for Dialogue Application ie LaMDA. Currently, the company has made available the Language Model for Dialogue Application Car Lite version for its Google bard. And with this, would like to tell you that Google CEO Sundar Pichai has launched his new chatbot to give even better response to his users.

But at present it has been introduced on testing basis for only a few users, although very soon it will be made available for public use as well. And as friends would like to tell you that there has been a lot of upheaval among people regarding Google bard AI because some time ago in the case of Chat GPT there were reports that it is being able to compete with Google but only a few After time i.e. in 2023, Google also did wonders and Google is seen as a competitor of Chat GPT by launching its chat bot Google bard AI.

See friends, Google bard AI is becoming very popular in the present time because it is available to fulfill the main objectives, it means to say that Google bard AI will be able to provide even more good information to its users and that’s all. It is not because of being present on its AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence, even 9 year old children can easily explain the answers to complex to complex questions in a simple language.

Friends, there is a discussion among people about Google bard AI, what if the car will have to use Google bard AI. Hussaini Di, if you are also interested, then you can also know in detail about how Google bard uses AI.
Use of Google bard AI: See friends at this time i.e. currently it has been made available to only a few people for testing purposes

Which very soon will be available among us too. And because of which Google bard AI chat bot you ie common people cannot signup it because it is not widely available for use right now. But even then we must tell you that Google will be integrated into search and can be reached by asking questions in it through the search bar and it fetches information from the web to provide up to date question answers.

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