How will Google’s “Bard” compare to ChatGPT?

What are the major differences between Chat GPT and Google Bard that differentiate them from each other?

Hello friends how are you all, we hope you are healthy and safe. Welcome, all of you once again in our today’s article. Friends, as you know that some time ago i.e. on 30 November 2022, Chat GPT was launched by Open AI which seemed to be competing with big search engines like Google.

But within a few months, Google has also shown its new form. Yes friends, for your information, it has been accepted by Mr Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet that Google’s AI bard will be launched by Google.

Which is going to be very useful for the betterment of man in future. Because under this, you will get all the information which is going to take a very complex form in the coming time, it can also provide you feedback in very simple language. He will be so capable here that even a small child of 9 years can explain the answers to complex and difficult questions with his simple language. For your information, would like to tell that you can easily get the answer to any question in the Google AI board data available on the Internet.

And Google bard AI is a chatbot of Google which has got Chat GPT as a competitor. See friends, let’s talk about Chat GPT, then I would like to tell you that Chat GPT is based on AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence, while Google Bard is also available on Artificial Intelligence.

And both are successful in giving you accurate and correct information but when both are based on the same point then finally what are the differences that make both chatbots different from each other? If you also want to know about those differences then stay with our article and let us know about all those differences which make them opposite to each other.

An important difference between Chat GPT and Google bard AI chatbot: Friends, despite having similarities between Chat GPT and Google bard AI, many such differences have been seen which make them completely different from each other, let us know about all those differences. .

• First of all let’s talk about 4G PT, would like to tell you that Chat GPT’s system has got information till 2021 only. Not more than this, but on the other hand, talk about Google’s bard AI chatbot, then you would like to tell that Google’s bard chatbot is fully capable of collecting all the up-to-date information from the internet. And this is one of the main reasons that it is called Chat GPT. And Google bard AI explains the difference between the two.

• Talk about Chat GPT friends, just as it is a chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence technology, in the same way Google bard AI is also a chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence technology. But despite this similarity between the two, Chat GPT can answer only those questions whose information is fed i.e. the data available with it.

Chat GPT can provide only the information which is already given in it. When talking about Google bard AI, which wise should be told that Google bard can present new and revised answers by getting real-time ie date latest information in through a search engine? Because of this, the difference between the two is clearly visible.

• For your information, there are some experts who believe that Chat GPT is capable of giving easy answers to difficult questions, but it does not have real-time new and latest information of 119, due to which future In bard chatbot such facilities will be specially provided that the data available on the internet

, If he is not able to find the answer to any difficult question, he can present a new answer or a new reaction to it. And the same response will give different opinions to users by location and location.

• See earlier, when Chart GPT came, many people were speculating here that Chat GPT would leave behind the Google search engine in the coming time, but it did not happen at all and the opposite was seen that search on the Internet Google’s ability and the trust everyone has on Google makes it powerful.

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