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Furniture Care

Upholstery Care


General Care

We're creatures of habit and we have all been known to have our favorite spot on the sofa. To lessen the risk of these areas getting worn faster, we recommend that you flip and rotate cushions on upholstered products on a regular basis to facilitate even wearing.

If you purchased a product with a down blend, these require extra maintenance to ensure that you keep the cushions plump and comfortable, just like a regular down pillow.

Fabric Maintenance

Regular vacuuming is essential to maintain the longevity of the fabric. When dust settles on fabric, it can cause a dull look over time, but also contribute to the break down of the fabric fibers. Utilize the attachments on your vacuum to regularly to clean your upholstery and keep it in excellent condition.

Leather Care

Leather is an excellent long term investment. It's a durable choice and excellent for pets and kids! With this said, it is important that you take some time to care for your leather purchase. We recommend that you condition your leather purchase every 3-6 months. For leather purchases that are in lots of direct sunlight or dry rooms, we recommend you condition your purchases more frequently.


If the room your furniture is in gets a lot of direct sunlight, we recommend that you keep your upholstered purchase protected from it. Over a prolonged period of time, fabrics, leathers, even area rugs will fade from the effects of sunlight.

During times where the sun is strongest, we recommend that you close your blinds or window treatments to protect the room.

Reupholstery Services

Sometimes a piece that we love needs some TLC. Monroe & Kent Home offers comprehensive reupholstery services. Speak with one of our Design Associates for more information.


Casegood Care



Microfiber cloths are a perfect way to dust your casegoods purchase, trapping dust and debris, rather than spreading it around and they are easy on surfaces, minimizing the risk of scratching or damage.

Save your money on sprays and polishes, a damp cloth works just as well and for stubborn marks a small amount of mild dish detergent does the trick. Never use silicone or oil based polishes on your furniture. If you feel the need to use a polish, please use a water-based polish such as Weimans Furniture Cream and this can be used every 4-6 months as needed.

Scratches + Marks

Condensation from hot drinks and spills is a quick way to damage the finish of your furniture. When spills do happen, be sure to immediately clean them up.

A good rule of thumb is that if something is too hot to hold, it is too hot for the surface of your furniture. Coasters and trivets should always be used on your casegood furniture.

The use of chemicals, accents and accessories with rubber bases, and plastic can all damage the finish of your furniture. Be mindful when moving things and apply felt pads to the base of lamps, accessories etc. to protect surfaces from damage.

Everyday use and lead to minor damage, keep some furniture pens handy to touch up when necessary, these can be purchased from a local hardware store.


We recommend that you avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight has the same effect on casegood furniture as it does on upholstered pieces. Every couple of months, rotate pieces so that the finish stays even. Keep in mind that extreme changes of temperature and humidity can affect the lifespan of your wood products. To prevent issues such as cracking, warping, or splitting of wood, keep furniture away from heating and cooling vents, windows, fireplaces or any area that has fluctuating temperatures.


Rug Care



Stains should be blotted up and cleaned as swiftly as possible to prevent them setting into the fibers of the rug. Always blot, never rub as this will push the stain deeper into the fibers.

Warm water and a clean cloth is the best approach to remove a stain. Never use harsh chemicals and avoid using carpet cleaners. Many of our brands recommend that you use a small amount of dish detergent on a wet cloth. For stubborn stains, we always recommend that you contact a professional cleaning service.

Loose Fibers/Shedding

It is normal for your rug to shed, especially if it is a wool rug. Hand knotted rugs and machine made rugs such as polypropylene ones are likely to shed less than tufted rugs. With proper maintenance the shedding of your rug will reduce over time.


When vacuuming your rug, please refrain from using the beater bar. The beater bar aggravates the shedding and can create excess fuzz in the fibers, but also can pull fibers causing damage to your rug. We recommend using the handheld attachments that come with your vacuum on your rug whenever possible.

In the event that you see loose fibers, never pull the fiber as this will cause more damage. Trim the fiber with a pair of scissors.

Rug Pads

Rug pads are designed to add a little extra cushion, extend the life of the rug and to protect the floor underneath. We recommend that you add a rug pad with any purchase.

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