What is the purpose of google bard, and why it has been brought in 2023

Hello friends how are you all, we hope you all are healthy and safe. Welcome, all of you once again in our today’s article. Friends, today we are going to share something with you through our article, which will always be very useful for your information. Yes friends, today we are going to talk about Google’s big bang entry i.e. special information related to Google bard AI.

As friends, you are well aware that last year Chat GPT was launched as a chatbot which was developed by Open AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence. Through which it provides accurate information to its users. And is able to simplify the tasks of many types of humans. Which was seen as giving competition to Google but after some time the dice turned and Google’s rule came again, yes friends would like to tell your information that Google bard AI has been launched by Google in 2023.

Which is beating chatbot chat GPT. But friends, the question arises that why Google CEO Mr Sundar Pichai ji launched it, and what is its purpose after all. See, if we look at intelligence, then Google is the most used search engine all over the world and not only a search engine, but it is no less than a panacea for humans, then what is the need for Google? Who launched google bard? And friends, the question here is not only mine, but there are many people who have this question, and friends, the question here is not only mine but there are many people who have this question.

What is the purpose of Google bard after all and why it has been brought instead of Google already being the best? Seen in that, if you are also troubled by this question, then you do not need to worry at all, because today we have come up with a solution to your problem through our article and if you also want to know about it, then you can visit our You will have to stay with the article, only then you will know about it in detail, friends, without delay, you know what is the purpose of Google bard and why it has been brought.

Why was google bard o brought: See friends, first of all, would like to tell you that google bard has been made available by AI and the same chat GPT has also been made available on AI only, in the same way, chat GPT answers the questions in detail. Google bard AI will also answer many questions in detail, not in favour. If we talk about the service, then I would like to tell you that its special thing is that it is able to answer questions even for recent events, but chat GPT currently has data stored till 2021 and it can answer only those questions which are present in its data.

But google bard is able to answer many questions related to the internet. In this way, would like to tell you that on the basis of some information, Sundar Pichai ji has also said that Google takes bard information from father so that it can give fresh and high-quality answers. And thus here in every field Chat is winning over GPT.

But still, most people have a question as to why the bard was brought in at all. So friends would like to tell you in this sequence that bard was also made available for the reason that users should be able to answer their most difficult and accurate questions here. Google bard AI has been brought for the better convenience of the users, yes friends, if you want to tell, then it is going to be amazing.

Because as before, users can know the cutting information in very easy language and not only this, they can also get flash and high quality and accurate information from Google’s chatbot. And this is also related to its objectives. On the other hand, it has also been received some information that Mr Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google has launched his Google Bard AI as a competitor to Chat GPT.

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