What is your opinion about Chat GPT vs. Google Bard?

Google has brought its new AI Bard tool to compete with Chat GPT
Hello friends how are you all we hope you all are healthy and safe. Welcome, all of you once again in our today’s article. Friends, as before, you must have been listening to the news continuously that after the introduction of Chat GPT by Open AI, there has been a lot of discussion among the people.

As friends, you all know that Chat GPT is a chatbot. Jogi is very much available to give accurate answers to its users. But friends talk about Google’s friends, as it works as well as Google and since its arrival, Google has become more alert than before and due to which it has accelerated the work on its AI project.

And Google was working continuously for 6 years and finally Google launched bard AI to compete with Google i.e. Sundar Pichai GPT, CEO of Google and Alphabet. Launched by Google bard AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence like Chat GPT. Friends, as we would like to tell you that Google bard AI is a tool, which is based on LaMDA.

Google’s new AI toolset GPT has got ready to compete in this matter. That is to say, Google bard AI is being seen by Google as a rival to Chatbot Chat GPT. In it is coming to the fore that Google’s new AI tool i.e. Artificial Intelligence GPTC is going to be much better, let’s know through this article.

Google AI bard vs Chat GPT: Friends would like to tell you that the way Chat GPT was launched by Open AI, in the same way, they have also based their chatbot on Google bard AI. Wiki friends, both of them are based on AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence and most should tell that still there is a lot of disparity in both of them and in this case Google’s new AI bard is better than Chat GPT. going and here chat seems to compete with GPT

Google has launched its new AI bard to compete with chat gp2. Those who would like to tell you that the difference can be understood comparatively in both Chat GPT and Google World. But friends would like to tell you for your information that Google bard is a new AI tool. And Google bard is such a chatbot that answers all the questions of its users according to the latest information available on the web.

But let’s talk about Chat GPT’s friends would like to tell you that Chat GPT can only tell you what is fed in it. This new artificial intelligence of Google i.e. AI tool bard makes your search even better and along with it, the latest information also responds according to the information available on the web.

Having seen talking to friends about the AI tools on Google, I would like to tell you that you will get correct and accurate information from Google bard, but in Chat GPT you will get only data till 2021 i.e. information is limited. Roshan is the result of this means that the new Google bard is capable of giving up-to-date and latest information to its users, which means that if we look at the latest information, then Google’s new AI tool chat is going to be much better than GPT in this matter…

And in this way, this chat seems to be giving tough competition to GPT. See, at present Google bard has been made available for limited users i.e. only a few users to get feedback and it will be made publicly available within 1 month after which common people can also use it.

Talking about Chat GPT, then you would like to tell that Chat GPT writes text like humans and whatever your question is, it gives it as an explanation, whereas if you talk about Google bard AI tool, then you would like to tell that it was initially developed on the Internet. But gives you the answer according to the basic size. Google Bard AI is a powerful language model and is available with a lot of capabilities.

And in this way, Google bard AI tool is being told better than Chat GPT. And Google’s CEO Mr Sundar Pichai is expected to make Google bard AI even better.

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